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DeltaBrake Muzzle

The ‘Delta’ Muzzle Brake.

   A muzzle brake is a device fitted over the end of a gun barrel to reduce recoil when the weapon is fired. According to Newton’s Law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The action of a bullet fired, which is then driven by expanding gases down the barrel causes the recoil reaction.
When designing a device that reduces recoil, only the action of the expanding gases can be used, without interference of the bullet traveling through the barrel.
Most brakes on the market are not efficient, typically using a cylindrical body which only diverts the gasses sideways, (exhausting through holes drilled in the side.)
By utilizing my ‘state of the art’ design software and machine shop, I have achieved an unprecedented 75% to 85% reduction in recoil, depending on powder load.
This is accomplished by using the entire energy of all the expanding gasses.
As soon as the bullet leaves the barrel the gasses are directed through a tapered chamber, across ‘turbine like’ stationary blades, backwards and up, in the opposite direction of the bullet.
This forces the gasses gradually through the blades, changing their direction before they exit.
In doing this the gasses are directed slightly up which eliminates ‘muzzle jump’, also not disturbing any dust on the ground if fired in the ‘prone’ position.
Both being the ‘snipers’ worst enemies.
Because the gasses have to travel along different distances through the brake before exiting, the shock wave produced is much less powerful at the front which means lower decibels projected forward.
High velocity magnums that burn more powder have shown excellent results. Flash elimination/suppressor.
The use of lighter powder loads, therefore incomplete burning of powder, which in turn produces a flash which when exhausted through this brake is almost totally eliminated.
The brake is easily attached by screwing to the end of the barrel, then locked tight with 2 small screws.
This will void vibrating loose during use.
A new design for the AR15 rifle is now available, again accomplishing 75% to 85% recoil reduction, along with significant noise reduction projected forward.
It is smaller and shorter by 1.5 inches, therefore lighter than the 7oz of the unit pictured in this brochure.
The muzzle brake as pictured in the brochure is 4.5 inches long, made of 17-4 stainless steel.
7/8Th’s inch thickness at the barrel end tapering down to 5/8Th’s at the tip. 1 and 5.8Th’s wide at the barrel end, tapering down to 1 and 3/8Th’s at the tip. The wall thickness is between .06 and .1 inch, minimum’s necessary to enable safety of operation.
By manufacturing with available titanium, weight will be reduced to approximately 4oz, however expense of material would double the cost.
Any Mil Spec requirements may be incorporated in my design, along with any color, ‘flat’ camouflage, black, sand or tan.